A m e l i a   I s l a n d   Q u i l t   G u i l d

2018-2019 Programs


Sept 11, 2018    Getting To Know You and Us

Getting to Know You and Us” is our theme: Come celebrate 30 years of AIQG, who we are, our many projects and our yearly plans! Of course, you must see our ‘Show and Tell”.  Members and guests will be treated with refreshments furnished by Board members. 

The night’s discussion will be “Getting to Know You and Us” which will include a round robin presentation by our many committees and projects.  Members are encouraged to participate in our “Show and Tell”, featuring completed quilts, fiber arts and charity quilts. Both members and guests can complete registration for next year’s membership and begin registration for future workshops.  


Oct 9, 2018  Making a Collage Quilt PLUS The October 2018 Dyeing for Fabrics Challenge  

Dyeing for Fabric Challenge: Click here for details

Program: “Making a Collage Quilt” presentation by Laurie Malm, Lollipops Quilt Shop. Laurie Malm presents  the techniques to create a collage quilt, a truly fun and creative fiber work of art that has captured artists world-wide.


Followed by “Making a Collage Quilt: A Whole-Day Workshop”.  October 10, 2018  

Laurie Malm, Lollipops Quilt Shop owner, will spend the day with us teaching the collage quilt methods, including creating landscapes.  You may purchase a quilt kit with all your needs at the shop.  This workshop is a “First Come First on the List” event.  We have space limitations.  Sign up will begin on Sept. 11, at our meeting and you MUST pay at the time of registration to hold your spot.  Cost: $25.


Nov 13, 2018     Squaring Up Your Prize Quilt 

“Squaring Up Your Quilt” Our own Janet Sebastian will teach us techniques to square up your quilt, a necessary technique to implement prior to quilting.  Come with questions and problems you’ve encountered!


Dec 11, 2018    Holiday Pot Luck PLUS What's New In The Quilt World with Laurie Malm ~ Just back from Market! AND December 2018 Challenge

Holiday Pot Luck Dinner PLUS!! EARLIER TIME Gather 6 pm  Dinner begins 6:30 pm

Applique Quilt Challenge” Click here for details 

Program: “What’s New in Quilting” Fresh from Houston Market, Laurie Malm, Lollipops Quilt Shop owner, will share the latest in “what’s in” in the quilt world.


January 8, 2019 “Creating An Award winning Quilt”, National Quilt Judge, Beverly Fine, presenter. Beverly takes us through the ins and outs of creating a quilt that is filled with high quality techniques…good for a show and for those family and friends lucky enough to receive one of your quilts.  More Details to follow.

January 9, 2019 Creating an Award winning Quilt” A workshop with Beverly Fine, National Quilt Judge, who will provide personal feedback on your quilts.  Details regarding sign up, hours, place to follow.

February 12, 2019 “Binding Your Quilt”, featuring own Dell Dunman, who will teach us various ways to bind your quilt.

March 12, 2019 “Modern Quilting”,  Lynne Reinhardt, from Marietta, GA will present educational program on modern quilting. 

March 13, 2019 “Modern Quilting: The Workshop”,  Lynee Reinhardt, from Marietta, GA will provide whole day workshop on modern quilting.  Details for registration, place, hours to follow.

April 9, 2019 “Quilts By the Sea™ Quilt Show 2020”  An evening filled with details about the upcoming quilt show presented by Cyndee Brown and Rozlyn Warren.

May 14, 2019 “We Sew BOUTIQUE Items”  Ellie Boette, chair of the 2020 Quilt Show boutique, provides an opportunity to explore and create boutique items.

May 19, 2019 “All Day AIQG Sew-In: Making Boutique Items Together”  Held at the Anglican Church, we will sew together, creating items to sell at the Show boutique.June 11, 2109

June 11, 2019  Summer Break Pot Luck, Installation of 2019-2020 Executive Committee Board Members