Patsy TroxellPatsy Troxell


Our final technique program of the year, Tuesday, May 8th, “Let’s All Applique” is another hands-on experience.  We’re lucky to have several master level quilters who use applique in their work. This program features Ellie Boette, Kathy Charnell, Andrea Golding and Donna Pearce.

Each teacher will show their specific technique and each of you will have an opportunity to practice in this hands-on learning opportunity. 

To fully participate here is a list of what to bring: List of supplies for applique program:

Two (2) pieces of contrasting felt, at least 6 x 6 square. 

One cut into a simple shape (i.e. heart, tree, circle, oval)

Four (4) 5 x 5 squares of fabric in contrasting colors



It would be great if you bring (but not required):

Small, hand iron

Small scissors


Applique Challenge

Enter the Applique Challenge by working the piece you begin at the meeting into a creation and bringing it to the December 2018 Pot Luck where we will select a Best In Show! Of course, there will be a prize!! 


Patsy TroxellPatsy Troxell