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The December 2018 Applique Challenge

Patsy TroxelPatsy Troxel


Theme: “Let’s All Applique”:  Using applique in your quilting

Finished size: Your choice

Completed Requirements: Must use one of the techniques presented during our May 2018 program.  Anything goes for design.

The border must be completed but can be bound, faces, stitched over or edge trim.

Attach a brief description of the type of applique you incorporated.

For example, freezer paper, hand stitch, machine quilt, felt and pearl cotton.

This must be a piece that you started and finished as a result of attending the program.

This is a piece that says, “I was inspired to applique”!

Other:  You are totally unrestricted in your design, and execution, meaning you may paint,

stamp, resists and/or otherwise manipulate your fabric.

You may embellish to your heart’s content-no restrictions on dimensional embellishments.

That being said, please understand that any of the above-mentioned design ideas are NOT mandatory for your project

Due Date: December 10, 2018

Note: You may submit your project to Lauree prior to December 10th.

Contact Lauree for questions/mailing at